YPS Commercial Shipping

Bulkers, containerships, RoRo vessels, tankers, tugs, passengerships. Offshore energy industry units, authority vessels, DGzRS lifeboats.
At sea. On-board. Ashore.

YPS Oceans, Coasts, Rivers and Ports

Harbours and havens, port ops, navigation aids, beaches, shores, wind and weather.

YPS Motor Yachts

New and vintage. Fast and slow. From 6 to 160 metres. Around the world.

YPS Sailing

Kiting. Surfing. Dingies. Keel boats. Cats. Metre-Classes. Level racing. Inshore. Offshore. Modern and Classics. From 2.36 – 96.10 metres.

YPS Offshore

SAR. Lifeboats. Offshore Energy Industry.

About YPS Collection

YPS saw its first daylight in 1972. Founded by photographer
Peter Neumann, YPS, the acronym for Yacht Photo Service, has
become the synonym for fine maritime photography, be it for
yachting, commercial or naval shipping industries.
Peter Neumann’s hunting grounds, often working from his self-designed
Kiel Classic motorboat (adjacent), are the world’s windswept seas. His
images have filled scores of books, calendars, etc., and have graced
countless pages of magazines of every genre.